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Menu of Speciality Sausages

The Original Gloucester - Jumbo Pork Sausage with a blend of Herbs and Apple made with Old Spot pork from Ed’s old spots.

Traditional Pork - 6 Pork Sausages how they used to be made, with plenty of good quality pork in a natural casing with pepper and salt seasoning.

Pork Chipolatas - Children’s Favourite 16 sausages to the lb.

Pork and Leek - Packed with fresh local leeks in a natural casing.

Minty Lamb - Made with minced lamb and sweet mint in a natural casing.

Cumberland - Two rings of pork sausage made with a blend of Cumberland seasoning in natural hog casing.

Garlic Supreme - 6 Pork and Garlic sausages with a mix of fresh and dried garlic in natural hog casing.

Extra Hot Chilli - Only made with proper Indian Chilli powder, can you handle it?

Venison - Local Venison with herbs and spices in natural casing for extra flavour.

Curry - Pork with a blend of hot and mild curry, full of flavour but not to hot.

Wild Boar - Wild Boar gives a game texture and taste to this recipe which is combined with herbs and spices in a natural skin.

Beef Specials - Gluten Free beef specials with onion in a natural casing.

Bratwurst - Gluten Free German style sausage made with loads of lean meat, seasoning and no added water.

Boerwors - South African style with a blend of traditional spices made in a ring, one sausage to the pack.

Chelrizo - The Cheltenham version of the famous Spanish sausage made with cured meat and a blend of herbs and spices, quite hot.

New Sausages

Hereford Hop - New. Made with pork and Hops with a generous dash of Black Sheep Beer.

Three Counties - New. Three type in one pack! Contains 2 Original Gloucesters, 2 Hereford Hop and 2 Worcester Sauce flavour.

Black Pudding - New. Black Pudding in a pork sausage, all you need now is egg and bacon.


Catering sausage

As well as a range of speciality sausages we also make sausages in volume at very competitive prices – These are the ones we make please contact us for prices for any quantity.

Catering 8 or 4s          6lb Boxes of 48 or 24
Pork 8 or 4s                6lb Boxes of 48 or 24
Pork and Herb             6lb Boxes of 24
Pork classic                 6 lb Boxes of 48
Chipolata’s                  6 lb Boxes of 96 (approx)
Sausage Meat             from 1 lb to 1 tonne

We also manufacture sausage meat in large quantities of bakeries who make sausage rolls or scotch eggs contact us to discuss your specifications and we will give you some prices.


Made here only with local British beef.

Economy Burgers in boxes of 24 x 4oz and packs of six

Beefy Burgers
Steak Burgers
Minty lamb burgers

Steak Burgers Sold ready to eat at www.realburgercheltenham.com